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Welcome to the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay

Tips for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers

As a Serious Buyer, you may want to:

  • Get pre-approved for your new purchase. This takes very little time and is of great value.
  • Submit the offer as if there will be multiple offers.
  • Include substantial earnest money deposit to show that you are serious.
  • Minimize contingencies

For Sellers

When Selling Your Home:

We prefer to show your home "By Appointment Only." We appreciate your cooperation and to assist us in preparing your home for showings, we suggest the following:

  • Create a mood
    Freshen the kitchen by grinding bits of lemon in the garbage disposal. Light scented candles in the bathrooms. Keep fresh flowers in the house. Set the tables. Light the fireplace.
  • Don't volunteer information
    Don't discuss the personal belongings that will be included in the sale. Don't engage in discussion with regard to price, terms or other factors with the buyer.
  • Let the sun shine in
    Make sure the draperies and window coverings are opened. Turn the lights on. Let potential buyers see how cheerful and light your home can be.
  • Not too hot....not too cold
    You don't want buyers to hurry out. Open the windows whenever possible for a fresh and airy feeling
  • Silence is golden
    Be courteous but don't try to engage buyers in distracting conversation. Turn off the television set and turn on soft music.
  • Take your children and pets with you
    Be sure all your children's rooms and pet areas are clean
  • Three is a crowd
    Try to take a walk, do some shopping or at least sit in the garden. You want the buyer to feel comfortable in discussing the house with their agent.
  • Tidy up each room
    Keeps rugs and carpets vacuumed, floors sparkling and beds made
  • Wet the driveway and patios.
    Make them look clean, shiny and inviting.

Consider these additional tips to get the best price for your home:

  • Set the stage-- Consult with a licensed stager
  • Get a home inspection and address any issues
  • Bathrooms and kitchens not updated, spend the money and bring to today's standard, it will save you in the end
  • Roofs--if old, get a quote or replace
  • Carpets--if bubbling--get carpets stretched. If you have multiple stains or damage to your carpets--replace carpets
  • Dings or scratches on cabinets --hire a painter
  • New paint throughout makes a house smell clean -- Neutral is important
  • Update landscaping and always add color