Last Monday, we were awaken with the horrible killings in Las Vegas.  So many innocent people were killed.  I know you are like me, my thoughts and prayers were with all of the families that had to wake up knowing their love one was gone. In the Mobile Press, pictures and facts about the men and woman that had died.  They were of all ages, some were mothers leaving innocent children and others too young to know life and others just enjoying life.   This was the beginning of the week.

Then on Saturday, our little town of Fairhope was visited by Hurricane Nate.  We were on the Eastern side of this Hurricane but it turned more west and our area was saved from a lot of destruction.  Unfortunately our bay front is littered by boards from piers and bulkheads.  Most of the piers are missing boards so accessibility is limited unless you have a kayak or are great swimmers.  The good news, piers are easy to rebuild but lives lost cannot.  Please take time to hug your family members and enjoy life.

Our crisis was so small compared to las Vegas but let’s have a good week and please keep safe.


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