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Spanish Fort | Daphne | Montrose | Fairhope | Point Clear

Friendly small towns and quintessential Southern Charm make the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay a one-of-a-kind place to visit and a wonderful place to live. The lifestyle is slow paced but active with plentiful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors both on land and by water. People take time to talk to their neighbors, and our community is rich in cultural offerings with concerts, art galleries, community theater, festivals, and fine restaurants. Our culture offers a nod to the Old South combined with modern living, making it a great place to raise a family or retire.


Founded in 1894 by a group of idealists from Iowa seeking a Utopian quality of life focused on common ownership of the land, Fairhope has evolved rapidly into one of the main centers of the Eastern Shores commercial and cultural activity. Its founders believed that their progressive project had “fair hope” of coming to fruition and indeed the city’s prominence in the area may well be due in part to its heritage of fortitude and perseverance.

Daphne, AL City Hall


“The Jubilee City” was established in 1874 and incorporated in 1927. Daphne is a community rich with heritage, spirit, and small town ambiance. There are wonderful schools both public and private, great shopping areas, and lovely parks. Located on the upper end of the Eastern Shore, Daphne is very centralized to Mobile, Spanish Fort & Fairhope which makes it such an appealing place to live.


Located between Fairhope and Daphne, unincorporated Montrose (French for Rose Hill) exudes an air of settled, understated grace among the manicured manors of the mid-19th century. Some of those manors are still located on the bluff overlooking Mobile Bay. The Ecor Rouge, or red bluffs, are well-known and can clearly be seen by sea and by air.

Point Clear

Punta Clara, the Eastern Shores westernmost point of land, is located between Mobile Bay waters on two sides. Cognizant of its militarily strategic value halfway between the northern delta and the southern passageway into the Gulf of Mexico, Spains conquistadors named it during their ultimately unsuccessful stay in the region. Translated to Point Clear by its English successors, unincorporated Point Clear is now home to the Grand Hotel, which originated 158 years ago.

Spanish Fort

Originally a French trading post, the Spanish built a fort at the site of the modern-day city in 1780, hence the name Spanish Fort. This city rests on a hill overlooking Mobile Bay, just a short distance to Mobile, Daphne & Fairhope. Spanish Fort incorporated in 1993 and has been expanding rapidly with brand new public schools and retirement areas.

Eastern Shore Map

Area History

The Eastern Shore has been witness to many events in history. Native Americans came to the high bluffs overlooking the Bay for spiritual retreats; Spanish Conquistadors explored and settled the shoreline (evidenced by the nearby community of Spanish Fort); and the French established a stronghold in Mobile, just across the Bay, which celebrated its Tricentennial in 2002.