With more and more people working from home at least part of the time, there is, understandably, a need/desire for a designated office in their Mobile Eastern Shore home. Perhaps you have been toying with the idea of creating one for yourself, but a lack of room, money, set-up know-how, and/or motivation has prevented you from doing so. Read on for solutions to each of these problems…


  • pencilsAbility to work from home. It is much easier to work at home in an established office space. In fact, some employers will allow you to do so only if you have such a designated space.
  • Peaceful environment. Bothered by children, ringing telephones, tv noise? A designated office in your Mobile Eastern Shore home allows you to shut the door, get away from such distractions, and concentrate on your work.
  • Elimination of clutter. No more vying for space among crayons, toys, and homework.  You will monitor what goes into your office.
  • Less commuting time. If you’re not stuck in traffic going to or coming from your workplace, you will have more time to spend with your family, In addition, you will most likely be in a better frame of mind.
  • Monetary advantages. Adding an office to your Mobile Eastern Shore home improves the resale value since it is a much desired feature in today’s market. In addition, if you are self- employed, you can write off your computer, telephone, and maintenance expenses on your taxes. Also, don’t forget the savings in decreased gas usage!


  • Look at the size and current use of your rooms. Is your guest bedroom rarely used or big enough to accommodate office furnishings? Do you really use your formal dining room? Could a large walk-in closet be converted to an office? What about part of a garage or an attic? Do you have an unused alcove, a corner, or a space under stairs? Even wide and lightly traveled hallways can be put to use.
  • Layouts come in many varieties. You can use a traditional design, of course, but layout plans/suggestions are also available for strip, L-shaped, U-shaped, long and narrow, and corners spaces.


  • Your goal should be to make your office comfortable, efficient, and practical. First consider your chair. Since you will be spending many hours in it, you should be willing to spend enough money to find one that is well-made, comfortable, and suited to your physical needs. This is not a place to scrimp on money! Second most important is your desk. Look until you find one that fits into its space, is large enough to allow room to organize and store materials, and can accommodate your computer and other electronic equipment.
  • Discover ways to save money on office furniture. Look in the classified ads section of your newspaper. Check out yard sales, secondhand stores, discount office supply stores. Assess what you realistically need. You can always add “would-like-to-have” items later on.

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