Every few years home buyers’ demand change. The 2010 design trends reflect the current move toward family togetherness, casual living, and energy efficiency. Potential purchasers of Mobile Eastern Shore real estate are looking for smaller, cost-effective homes which provide both functional and flexible spaces to match their current lifestyle. First-time buyers cannot afford McMansions, empty nesters are looking to downsize, and families are into low maintenance, energy savings, and open spaces,

The age of formality and overindulgent features has gone by. Buyers of Mobile Eastern Shore real estate are giving up formal dining and living rooms and passing on libraries, parlors, and studies, opting instead for casual great rooms in which to entertain and enjoy family togetherness. Features currently in demand include the following:

  • bathSTORAGE SPACE: A double car garage is a must since most homeowners use half of it for storage. Ditto for walk-in closets, a basement or attic, storage space  under stairs, and pantries.
  • ROOMS: The kitchen (with an island), family room, and master bedroom remain the three most important rooms, and they will most likely increase in size. Living and dining rooms, however, will tend to disappear. Another growing trend is a first floor master bedroom suite, a feature especially desired by seniors.
  • TECHNOLOGY READINESS: The majority of buyers want cable/satellite readiness and high speed internet access. Also valued are homes wired for surround sound, an HD feed, and in-wall speakers.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: In addition to energy-saving appliances, potential buyers are looking for Mobile Eastern Shore real estate that has high-efficiency insulation and windows. Also popular are built-in recycling bins and tankless water heaters. In addition, stone and brick exteriors are preferred.
  • HOME OFFICES: Space in which to work from home continues to be in great demand. Most buyers will gladly exchange a third bedroom or dining room for a functional office.
  • OUTSIDE ROOMS: Quickly gaining in popularity is the creation of an outside room that extends the home’s living space and incorporates nature into one’s life. Most desired are outside kitchens and entertainment areas.

Being aware of new home design trends can be beneficial to both the buyer and seller of Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. If you are selling your home, it would certainly be in your best interests to incorporate some of the new trends into your home whenever possible and stress these features to potential buyers.

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