Today we take a break from Mobile AL real estate to devote some time to honoring DAD. Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday – there are plenty of fun Mobile events happening that you can enjoy with the special father in your life!

Here are some little-known facts about the holiday:

  • The word “Dad” dates back to the sixteenth century, or possibly even earlier. It may have originated with the Welsh word “Tad” (meaning father), which later mutated to Dad. The word “Father” is derived from the Old English “Foeder”.
  • A father ocean catfish carries the eggs of his young in his MOUTH until they are ready to be born (which may take several weeks!). During that time he cannot eat anything.
  • Father penguins remain on their feet in arctic temperatures for 60 days or more to protect his eggs, he also cannot eat while guarding his eggs.
  • There are approximately 66.3 million fathers in the United States.
  • Neckties lead the list of Father’s Day gifts, and there are 10,416 men’s clothing stores around the country.
  • Other items high on the list of Father’s Day gifts include those you may find in dad’s toolbox, such as hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers. You could buy some of these items for dad at one of the nation’s 14,755 hardware stores or 5,280 home centers.
  • There are 23,018 sporting goods stores. These stores are good places to purchase traditional gifts for dad such as fishing rods and golf clubs.
  • Nearly 69 million Americans have participated in a barbeque in the last year — it’s probably safe to assume many of these barbeques took place on Father’s Day.
  • There are approximately 98,000 “stay-at-home” dads. These are married fathers with children under 15 years old who have remained out of the labor force for more than one year primarily so they can care for the family while their wives work outside the home.

Next week we’ll return to discussing Mobile AL real estate. In the meantime, enjoy a relaxing weekend with dad! Please feel free to call me at 866-560-7474 or visit to learn more about Mobile AL real estate.

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