In today’s real estate market Mobile Eastern Shore home owners trying to sell on their own get discouraged when it comes to getting their Mobile Eastern Shore homes sold. What they may not realize is that in the modern market selling a home takes a lot more than just sticking a “for sale” sign in the front yard. Traditional real estate marketing tactics have evolved into a variety of more complex and effective strategies. The internet has become the most popular and successful aid in setting up successful home-selling campaigns.

key3According to the National Association of Realtors®, almost 90% of home buyers do their house hunting online. The fact that the internet is taking over many traditional methods, makes it imperative for  home owners to move their campaigns to the web. Consumers are becoming more independent in the home buying process, relying on the internet for real estate market information and shopping for their perfect home. The quantity of home buyers who ended up purchasing a home they found using the Internet has significantly increased from only 8% in 2001 to a soaring 32% in 2008. However, buyers only account for half of the real estate equation that results in using the internet.

Sellers are relying on the internet to create effective online selling campaigns that catch the mouse click of potential buyers. Whether selling by owner or using a real estate agent, anyone trying to attract the attention of a buyer for their Mobile Eastern Shore home  should take full advantage of online marketing strategies. Listing agents advertise client’s homes on their company websites, the Multiple Listing Service and, and by other professional tools. Home owners choosing the for sale by owner route or just simply looking for more ways to expose their home on the market, now have access to many of the same professional tools real estate agents use and more. For example now allows their clients to list their homes on the Multiple Listing Service and too. In addition, homes are also popularly advertised on websites such as, Craigslist, Google Base, Yahoo Real Estate, and Facebook.

Regardless of who is selling your Mobile Eastern Shore home, it is important to establish and maintain a successful home-selling Internet campaign. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

  • It is crucial to give the home as much exposure as possible, especially on popular websites like local MLS sites.
  • Use comprehensive and professional quality descriptions of the property.
  • Be sure to include details such as room sizes, total square footage, key selling points and neighborhood or community assets.
  • Display a variety of multiple, high-quality color pictures and, if possible, video tours of the home.
  • Provide convenient, simple, quick and easy methods of contact for people requesting more information or pursuing a showing.
  • Make scheduling a showing as convenient as possible for the prospective buyers.
  • Set a competitive asking price based on the selling prices of comparable homes in the area.

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