Bye, bye April and hello May.  WELCOME to our beautiful sunsets.  Our  Fairhope streets are lined with seasonal plants.  Did you know Fairhope has their own nursery.  Flowers are changed regularly which adds beautiful color throughout the city.  Around 5:30 each morning the water truck comes and waters all the flower beds.  For the locals, if they can time the replanting, they can get some of the old plants and replenish their gardens.

Another tip, around the Fairhope Pier is a beautiful rose garden.  In its prime, the city will come a cut roses so that new growth can continue to prosper.   If you can hit the right day you can get a beautiful bouquet.

Go visit the Fairhope Pier which is open 24 hours a day.  At all times of the day, you will see people fishing and enjoying life.  At sunset, you will see plenty of people just sitting on park benches watching life going by.

Next Friday is Art Walk.  Come join the festivities.

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