5553989_blogThere’s a goblin at my window,
A monster by my door.
The pumpkin at my table
Keeps on smiling more and more.
There’s a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green.
They used to be my family,
Till they dressed for Halloween.
– by Sandra Liatsos

It’s nearly that time of year again—Halloween, a time of ghosts and ghouls, tricks and treats, and costumes and candy!  Did you know that Halloween is second only to Christmas in terms of spending?  Yep–$1.2 million on costumes and another $2.5 million on candy, decorations, and other themed paraphernalia! 

Other little-known facts include:

  • 86% of Americans decorate their houses.                                                  
  • 10% of pet owners costume their pets. (Click here for unique ideas)
  • 35 million pounds of candy corn are produce yearly. (How many are consumed in your Mobile Eastern Shore home?)

5360677_blogHalloween traditions are many and varied.  “Tis the night for donning a costume, wearing a mask, bobbing for apples, and, the children’s favorite—trick-or-treating.  Looking for something different to give to the little ones coming to your Mobile Eastern Shore home this year?  How about juice boxes, mini-marshmallows, popcorn balls, fruit roll-ups, 4 pack crayons, small glo-sticks, silly erasers, themed pencils, or goldfish snacks?

Ghoulish groaners:  

What is a mummy’s favorite music?    Wrap
Best Halloween insurance?  Mediscare
Favorite drink of ghosts and goblins?  Ghoulade    

Carving a Jack-o-Lantern

Be your pumpkin orange, white, green, and yes, even blue, you want the face on the porch of your Mobile Eastern Shore home to be individual and unique.  Get free templates to assist you in carving or for cut and paste faces here.

 If you see a spider on Halloween, the spirit of a loved one is watching over you.


Forget the old standbys of ghost and witch.  Get creative and think about the unusual.  A bearded lady? A cupcake?  Or perhaps popcorn or an aquarium?  Although the web is filled with sites which sell costumes, you can express yourself by making your own garb.  Check out CostumeIdeaZone.com for silly, serious, and/or super fast ideas.

A kid came up with a bright idea to dress up as an IRS Agent. This way he could take 28% of the man’s candy and leave without saying ‘Thank You!’ J)))

PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR THE YOUNG AND YOUNG AT HEART CAN BE FOUND AT Caboose.com, Halloween.com, ZombiePumpkins.com, and TheTeachersCorner.net.  For creative ideas such as wicked wreaths, friendly ghosts, fright lights, tasty treats, and much, much more, visit LowesCreativeIdeas.com.


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