The most important piece of a person’s financial life is their credit score. Whether buying a new Mobile Eastern Shore home, applying for a job, refinancing your Mobile Eastern Shore home, paying off debt, or getting utility service, your credit score will drive the outcome. One would think that Americans are all aware of what the scores are measuring and what factors play a part. But, most Americans do not know enough about the three digit rating or what is involved. Do not let these credit score myths get in your way when preparing for the purchase of your next Mobile Eastern Shore home.

Myth: Checking a credit report can either damage or lower your score. A credit report can be conducted by you or someone like an employer as many times as desired with out having any impact on your credit score. Reviewing your credit report will never change your credit score. Just make sure that reports are retrieved through the bureaus or a legitimate score seller.

Myth: Age, sex, and income are factors that affect your score. None of this information plays a role in determining your score. A higher income may make it easier to pay off debts, but income and net worth have no impact of credit scores.   

Myth: A credit score can be destroyed by shopping for a loan. When seeking to extend credit, too many inquiries can have a negative impact your credit score. However, when several inquiries are made by the same type of lender with in a 14 day period they only count as one inquiry against your credit.

Myth: Your score can be hurt by credit card offers. When companies offer you their credit cards it does not have any affect on your score. Unless, your take advantage of all the offers and carelessly use all of the credit available. The number of credit cards a person manages does not matter. The important thing is maintain a low ratio of used to available credit.

Myth: Credit scores of married couples are shared. A credit score can only belong to one person, just as one person can only have one score. A married could does not share a credit score, but their scores could have an affect each others. When opening a joint account, the information accumulated from that account’s activity will be reflected on both people’s credit report. If all of the couple’s accounts are joint, then their scores will be somewhat similar.

Myth: Closing unused accounts improves credit scores. Unused accounts most likely contain available credit, which is an important part of a credit score. Closing unused accounts removes available balances from the equation. This causes your ratio of used to available credit to increase, ultimately affecting your credit score.

Myth: Paying off bills is a quick way to boost credit. Over time, a good record of properly paying bills will improve credit. Credit reports reflect your long term history, scores do not change overnight.

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