The idea of purchasing your first home is an exciting one, but to novices the process may appear to be a daunting one. Fear not, however! There are numerous government agencies and programs available to help you purchase your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. Listed below are online sites which provide a wide variety of resources for your assistance.

1. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers explanations and logical steps to home buying. Access this site to:

  • Real Estate Conceptdetermine how much you can afford to pay
  • understand your rights
  • learn about home buying programs
  • find a home and a loan suited to your needs
  • learn about price negotiations, inspections, insurance, and closing costs

2. will provide you with

  • a description of available programs
  • qualification requirements
  • an application to download

3. supplies information about

4. Fannie Mae brings you a home buyer’s guide which involves

5. For low-income individuals who don’t have funding, can’t secure a conventional mortgage, or need a lower down payment, an option is obtaining grants.

6. And finally, potential homebuyers with disabilities should check out for available resources.

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