The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over one million senior citizens are treated in emergency rooms for home-related injuries each year. CPSC believes that many of these accidents result from often-overlooked hazards which are easy to detect and correct. Use this checklist to spot possible safety problems which may be present in your Mobile Eastern Shore home and use it periodically to re-check your residence. This checklist is organized by areas in the home and will be presented in an easy-to-follow series of articles.       


                1. Store potholders, towels, plastic utensils, and the like away from the stove/oven.

                2. Shorten or remove curtains which are close to sources of heat.

                3. Roll back, pin up, or fasten with elastic bands long, loose sleeves which can easily catch on fire or get caught on pot handles.

                4. Use a stove fan, ventilation system, or open windows to clear air of smoke and vapors.

                5. Move cords and appliances away from sink area or heat. Try to avoid use of extension cords. Use wiring guides so that cords will not hang down or become tangled.

                6. Check with an electrician about installing new outlets (GFCIs) which detect electrical problems and shut off automatically.

                7. Ensure adequate lighting by opening curtains and blinds, using maximum wattage allowed bulbs (frosted ones reduce glare), and adding easy-to-install light strips under the cabinets or over the countertops of your Mobile Eastern Shore home.

                8. Do not exceed the printed maximum bulb wattage for use in lighting fixtures. If you don’t know the correct wattage, use nothing greater than 60 watts.

                9. Keep a working fire extinguisher handy at all times.

                10. Use a teakettle that has an automatic shutoff. Do the same for coffeemakers and irons, too.

                11. Wipe up all spills quickly and carefully.

                12. If you need to reach for something up high, use a sturdy step stool with slip proof steps and a handrail. Make sure it is fully opened and stable before climbing on it.

                13. Make certain that all outlets and wall switches have covers and no exposed wiring. If an outlet or switch feels warm or hot to the touch, unplug all cords in the outlet, do not use the switch, and have an electrician check the wiring as soon as possible.

 By following these tips when using the kitchen in your Mobile Eastern Shore home–and checking the list periodically–you can be confident that you are following safe practices and doing your part to avoid injuries.

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