The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over one million senior citizens are treated in emergency rooms for home-related injuries each year. CPSC believes that many of these accidents result from often-overlooked hazards which are easy to detect and correct. Use this checklist to spot possible safety problems which may be present in your Mobile Eastern Shore home and use it periodically to re-check your residence.

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        1. Arrange pieces of furniture and electrical cords so that you have unobstructed passageways.

        2. Remove electrical cords from under carpeting and furniture to prevent damage and/or fire hazards.

        3. Use tape, not staples, to attach cords to walls or floors.

        4. Place space heaters away from passageways and all flammable items such as curtains, furniture, and rugs. Carefully follow safety instructions when using the heater.

        5. Make sure that any wood-burning stove has been installed correctly and follow local codes. Allow proper ventilation for the room in which it is used.


        1. Make sure that these areas are well lighted, especially if using power tools.

        2. Check that stair areas have lighting sufficient to allow you to see each step, particularly the edges, when you are using them to go up or down.

        3. Place light switches at both the top and the bottom of the stairs of your Mobile Eastern Shore home.

        4. Check the stability of handrails and the condition of the steps.

        5. Use only power tools equipped with a three-pronged plug and those which are double insulated.  Properly connected three-pronged adapters may be used to connect a three-pronged plug to a two-hole receptacle.

        6. Make sure that your power tools have attached safety-guards .

        7. If you use fuses, make certain that the size is correct. Do not replace a fuse with one that is larger!

        8. Tightly cap any containers of flammable or volatile liquids to prevent the escape of toxic vapors.

        9. Be sure to store all gasoline, paint, solvents, or other products which emit vapors far away from any source of heat or flame such as furnaces, water hears, stoves, or any gas appliance. Gas fumes can travel as far as 10 feet to cause an explosion!

        10. Be aware that basements, garages, and storage areas can present many tripping hazards, so provide unobstructed walkways and keep sharp or pointed tools safely secured and out of the way.

Safety Checklist For Your Mobile Eastern Shore Home – Part I

Safety Checklist For Your Mobile Eastern Shore Home – Part II

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