In addition to the demands of current Mobile Eastern Shore home buyers for environmentally-friendly, or green real estate, there is also a growing segment of consumers who are looking for houses which incorporate the principles of feng shui. An ancient Chinese practice, feng shui is believed to improve one’s life through the use of color, location and positioning, and specific materials and objects, all of which combine to produce a positive energy, or chi, in your home.

feng shuiThe primary focus of feng shui is the positive flow of energy, which contributes to the creation of harmony in life. Integral components of the philosophy are the five elements of fire, earth, water, metal, and wood, and each of these is enhanced by color selection and use in your Mobile Eastern Shore home as follows:

  • FIRE – Passion and high energy. These strong colors include red, orange, purple, pink, and bright yellow.
  • EARTH – Nourishment and Stability. Beige and various earthy sand colors.
  • WATER – Ease, freshness, and abundance. Blue and Black
  • METAL – Clarity and preciseness. Grey and white
  • WOOD – Health and Vitality. Brown and Green

Other feng shui principles to follow include:

1. The clearing of unnecessary furnishings and objects:

In feng shui, less is more. Believing that clutter impedes the flow of energy, feng shui proponents suggest avoiding big pieces of furniture and removing most plants, photographs, and personalize items. Most homes will benefit from the absence of about 1/3 of their current furnishings.

2. Abundance of light:

Ample lighting is conducive to good energy and should be generously provided in your Virginia Beach home to provide a sense of spaciousness. Natural light is best, but warm, soft artificial lighting is acceptable. A dimmer switch is strongly suggested for your lights.

3. Outside appearance:

A solid, strong front door is essential, as is an attractive and clutter-free entranceway. Your landscaping should be well-maintained, and your house numbers clean and easily visible. A well-lit entrance is also a must!

4. The feng shui “trinity”:

The bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom are of vital importance since there is a powerful connection among the three areas which promote health and well-being.

  • In the bathroom you should try to create a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere through the use of lighting and mirrors, which give the room a sense of space.
  • In the kitchen unadorned counter-tops in colors harmonious with the cabinets and walls are a necessity. Use fire and wood tones, and avoid those associated with water. Lighting under the cabinets invites a good chi, as does a basket of fresh fruit or flowers.
  • In the bedroom, the bed should have a solid headboard, be approachable from both sides, and be flanked by two end tables. It is best if the bed does not face the door to the room. The walls should be in earth colors, and televisions, computers, and exercise equipment should not be present.

Good feng shui means positive energy, sure to help with the sale of your Mobile Eastern Shore home. Who doesn’t want the hope of good health, happiness, and prosperity?

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