The prospect of relocating to a new place can be somewhat unsettling as you face emptying your present house and filling up your Mobile Eastern Shore home. Not only must you deal with the onus of packing and the logistics of your physical move, you also find yourself a bit anxious–and possible sad– about leaving a place where you’ve grown comfortable. No wonder so many people dread making a move!

moving truckThere is, however, a painless way to lessen the angst and allow you to cope well (maybe even enjoy) the relocation process–and that is organization. While you may be proficient at researching and hiring a moving company and finding a reliable Realtor to sell your current residence and help you find the perfect Mobile Eastern Shore home, there are numerous “small” steps you can take to eliminate unpleasant surprises later on and to make the process go more smoothly.

To alleviate any concerns you may have about the financial ramifications of living in a new city, you can compare the cost of living in two places by visiting This site will help you calculate how far your salary will go in your new location.

also provides pertinent information about school systems throughout the U.S. Here you can discover student/teacher ratio, instructional costs per pupil, special programs, number of students going on to higher education, etc. You can also Google the board of education in your new city for information.

The Chamber of Commerce can help you learn about religious facilities, cultural opportunities, parks and outdoor activities, hospitals and health care availability, and a myriad of other questions you may have–perhaps adult education

You should investigate in advance property taxes and/or local assessments. Learn about average utility charges, trash/recycling rules and facilities, and licensing and car registration procedures in the area of your Mobile Eastern Shore home.

Do you require public transportation? Does the new location offer mass transit? Is traffic congestion a problem? Best to be forewarned in this area. Go online to contact the municipal/governmental offices or the Department of Transportation in the new location.

Make arrangements in advance to get legal documents and school and medical records before you leave your present location. Also, if your current bank does not have a branch in the new city, look into setting up a new bank account before you actually move. Begin now to fill out change of address cards to send to magazines, credit card companies, etc. It’s so much easier to do this before moving!

While your move to your new Mobile Eastern Shore home may necessarily be an exciting adventure, by eliminating worries of the unknown and becoming familiar with your new surroundings in advance, you can anticipate and actually look forward to beginning a new phase of your life.

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