Why? How? What? Where?

Let’s start with the why? The most common incentive to clear away clutter occurs when you’re selling your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate and want to stage it for prospective buyers. Real estate agents will tell you that clutter-filled, disorganized homes appear smaller, and every website offering tips for a fast sale includes–and stresses- the need to show a clutter-free home. Another strong reason for eliminating clutter is to lower the stress in your life by having everything organizationin its place ((how nice it would be not to spend valuable time and energy looking through clutter for misplaced items!) and returning home to a serene and neatly organized setting. (Polls and studies have shown that physical surroundings do indeed affect one’s level of stress. ) Other mess-removing motivators include selling unused items to bring in extra money, donating still-good items to people who need them, and joining the green movement by recycling unwanted possessions.

How to begin such a daunting task?

All “experts” in the field strongly advise tackling the job in small steps. Begin with one room at a time, play soothing music, and allocate 20 to 30 minutes a day to the job. Bring to each room boxes or bins labeled keep, toss, donate, and recycle. Be ruthless!! If you haven’t used an item in the past year, remove it from your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. (Hint: also check expiration dates on foodstuffs when you de-clutter the kitchen.) Assess your storage capacity and discard accordingly.

What should you dispose of?

The most obvious clutter creators seem to be mail, clothing, newspapers and magazines, documents, books, and home décor accessories. Think, too, about furniture, baby items, food, toiletries, appliances, bedding, electronics, and hardware. Have you heard about the “80/20 rule”? It is generally believed that you can safely let go of 80% of the papers you’ve kept.

Where should your unneeded/unwanted treasures go?

For many of them, the answer is, of course, the trash. (You can easily arrange for bulk pickup for large items.) Others may be candidates for recycling. Perhaps you can list some of them under the Free tab on Craig list or search nearly 5000 groups who use discarded materials.

Ask around your community for organizations which would welcome used books and toys–libraries, hospitals, nursery schools, churches. Give old magazines to doctors’ offices. Lions Club groups collect old eyeglasses, and many organizations eagerly accept working but unwanted cell phones. There are innumerable websites which suggest new homes for your discards. Try RecycleNow.com or Earth911.com (supplies locations of local charities by zip code). Many organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, and Disabled Veterans, have handy drop-off boxes or centers or will come to your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate location for pickup. (Extra bonus: in addition to the joy of giving to others, you may also receive a tax deduction for your contributions.)

The fact that much of our clutter reflects our memories, values, and achievements makes it difficult to let go of it, but with strong motivation, resolve, and continued effort, you can free yourself of accumulated “stuff”, give yourself extra time, money, and energy, and lessen your stress level while enhancing the lives of others. How to keep your home this way? That’s another article!

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