October, the month of Halloween, casts its enchanting spell over Fairhope!

The town’s charm is brewing as we eagerly await the upcoming Art Walk this Friday. As always, the Art Center will fling open its doors, revealing magical works of art, and the streets will come alive with a bustling crowd. The festivities usually kick off around 5:00 pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to leisurely explore downtown Fairhope and perhaps reserve a spot at your favorite restaurant for dinner.

The crisp, cooling air is a welcome change that beckons us outdoors. While our region may not be adorned with a multitude of falling leaves, our sunsets are nothing short of breathtaking. Picture the skies ablaze with brilliant oranges and reds, reminiscent of the turning leaves in more northern climes.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 26th, when Fairhope will be awash with the Fairhope Witches Ride. Hundreds of witches and warlocks will traverse the picturesque streets of downtown Fairhope, culminating in a spellbinding Witches Ball at the Halstead Amphitheater. This year’s festivities promise to be a bewitching experience, complete with music provided by the Incredible Tip Tops. Best of all, the proceeds from this magical event will benefit the Baldwin Humane Society.

Until we meet again next month, I invite you to savor the magic of October in Fairhope.

Warm regards,

Judy Niemeyer



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