Mobile/Eastern Shore AL Real Estate: Home Sweet Condo?

One of the most fundamental questions when considering purchasing Mobile/Eastern Shore AL real estate is whether to purchase a single family home or a condo.  Although there are many factors to consider, the answer really lies in the buyer’s preference and lifestyle.


A condo might be a good fit for those in search of a more urban, low-maintenance lifestyle.  Condos typically resemble apartments with several units in the same building or complex sharing amenities (although they can also be duplexes, free-standing buildings, etc.).  Although there are monthly maintenance fees involved with condo ownership, that also means that the owners are not responsible for any maintenance outside their own four walls.  Because condos are a shared community, ownership is often limited to a specific space. 


For many home-buyers, single-family homes offer more privacy and control.  When purchasing a single-family home, the buyer owns the entire building as well as the land on which it sits.  Likewise, this means the maintenance of the structure and the land is the owner’s sole responsibility.


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